Manufacturer and retailer of reproduction classic Land Rover body panels

Manufacturer and retailer of reproduction classic Land Rover body panelsManufacturer and retailer of reproduction classic Land Rover body panels

About Us

Dedicated to Restoration

Goosefoot Panels have a background of over twenty five years' experience of restoring series Land Rovers.

To assist fellow restorers we are now manufacturing reproduction classic Land Rover body panels which were, until now, obsolete.

We are not just a parts retailer, we are the manufacturer of the panels we sell. And as we make our own tooling, we have complete control over the process.

Our launch range centred on rear wing panels for  the series 2/3 short wheel base models.  We are presently tooling up for other series 2/3 and 90 panels  so keep an eye on our website for new products.  If there is an obsolete panel you would like to see back in production  then contact us, we could make it happen.

Our website now has an online shop for the convenience of UK customers.  If no current stock is shown for the item you wish to purchase, you can still order through the online shop and we will make the item for you  normally within 2  working days of your order being received.

We ship worldwide, please contact us for a shipping quote if you are outside the UK.

Quality Panels for the Restorer

In view of the poor corrosion resistance we have experienced of the aftermarket rear wings which were available years ago, we have to conclude they were made of an inferior grade of aluminium. Our panels are made from the alloy of aluminium / magnesium / manganese which is the modern day equivalent of Birmabright.

Over the years we have wasted much time and effort stripping unknown paint, or  latterly (even worse) untrustworthy powder coating off new aftermarket panels to get the panel back to bare metal as a base for a reliable paint system. The gold / yellow / tan colouring of our panels is the result of  a chromate conversion process widely used in the aerospace industry for increased corrosion resistance and paint / adhesive adherence to aluminium alloy.  This is one of the best available foundations for a paint system and will keep the panel corrosion free if it is to be stored before use. There is no need to scuff the panel for a key, simply de- grease with panel wipe and then apply self etch primer, followed by your paint system of choice.

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